For over sixty years, Cotey Chemical has been producing a full product line of chemical solutions to develop and rehabilitate water wells. Cotey Chemical products are used daily across the world in the agricultural, municipal, industrial and residential sectors to increase water production.

If you have an aging well suffering from algae, calcium scale, oil film, bacteria, rust or other problems, Cotey Chemical has a product to meet your needs.

Use our quick reference table to find a solution for your particular water rehabilitation problems.

The accumulation of nuisance organisms such as fungi, algae, molds and various bacteria is a real problem in some areas. Chlorine is a great product to use for disinfecting water wells, an important step in well rehabilitation and maintenance.

  • Disinfect and sanitize new and old water wells and systems
  • Remove nitrates, iron, sulfites (not sulfates), and manganese
  • Control algae, fungi and bacteria (including slime-forming, iron, and sulfate-reducing bacteria)

  • Adjust the pH of water so chlorine becomes 100 times more effective

Once a new well is completed or recently rehabilitated we recommend scheduling regular maintenance treatments. This will allow the well to be cleaned when the plugging material is thin, relatively soft and easier to remove.

Well Development

Cotey Chemical develoment products are designed to develop wells by removing obstructions such as mud, clay, drilling mud and drilled cuttings.

  • Remove clays, shales, drilled "cuttings" and commercial drilling muds from water wells. Excellent for "gravel-slipping" and freeing stuck drill pipe
  • Develop new wells to their maximum specific capacity by breaking down mud-cake produced during drilling
  • Redevelop old wells producing in sand and gravel formations to their original flow or greater

  • "Wet out" and disperse mud during bailing
  • Add to drilling mud to reduce solids build-up, balling of drilled clay-shale, decrease friction, and aid in reducing solids suspension
  • Slip gravel
  • Decrease surface tension of water when using any chemical treatment
  • Remove and emulsify oil in wells with oil-lubricated turbine pumps, or for shop degreasing
  • Remove "mud-cake", silt and clay from water wells