About Us

Better Wells with Cotey Chemicals

Cotey Chemical Corporation was founded in Lubbock, Texas in 1949 by Mr. Bradford J. Cotey.

Our mission is to provide products which can be safely and easily applied by non-technical personnel for maintenance, development or sterilization of household, industrial and irrigation water wells.

Cotey Chemical has, during a half a century, developed a well-earned reputation for leadership in the marketing of superior products for the water well industry.

Satisfied clients, located throughout the United States and in many foreign countries attest to the claim of Mr. Cotey's motto - "Better Wells With Cotey Chemicals".

What We Value


We do what's right. Integrity is the impartial and honest standard by which we make decisions and take actions, large and small, every day.  In our business, integrity is mandatory, not optional.

Customer Focus

We succeed when our customer succeeds.  As a consequence we always treat the customer and their success as our priority.  Additionally our Suppliers are important customers for whom we work hard to create win-win relationships.


We take personal responsibility.  We accomplish on time, on budget, as promised.  Part of accountability is pulling your weight as part of the team and actively sharing information and effort.

Respect for the Individual

We treat people with dignity and consideration.  We are diverse as people and professionals, yet our success depends on our mutual trust and teamwork.  Diversity builds strength in our team.  We are strongest when we are respected by our colleagues and encouraged to contribute.


We foster a spirit of innovation and calculated risk taking that accepts occasional reversals in the interest of creating substantial value.  We are not afraid to try for greatness, in fact we expect it.